Thursday, October 25, 2012

A vote for Psychobaby is a vote for AWESOME!

Psychobaby has been nominated for two Totally Awesome Red Tricycle Awards! Election 2012 isn't just about Obama and Romney - cast your vote for Psychobaby as the Hippest Kid Store and the Best Mom-Run Business in Chicago. From personalized kids' tees and cool baby clothes, to Two-Punch Tuesdays, One-Piece Wednesdays, story hours and more, Psychobaby is all about creating an awesomely fun shopping experience for kids and parents alike! How's that for a campaign promise that delivers?!

Red Tricycle's mission is to help parents have more fun with their kids! With a smartly curated list of events, products, and resources, Red Tricycle keeps hip parents in the know. Being nominated for a Totally Awesome Award totally ROCKS! Follow the links above, select the Chicago Region from the drop-down menu, and click on our store. (Now if only this voting involved a debate - or better yet, a good ol' fashioned tug-of-war!) Remember - a vote for Psychobaby is a vote for awesome!

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