Friday, October 12, 2012

Lock Up Your Daughters, Ladies Man on the Loose!

1. Chicks are All Over Me Tee
2. Chicks are All Over Me Bib
3. Ladies Man Bib
4. Ladies Man One-Piece Tee
5. Trucker Girl Infant Shoes
6. Kushies, Barbell Stacker Toy

Future heartbreakers will dig our cool baby boy gifts! If you fancy yourself a ladies man in training, shopping our cool toddler boy gifts will get you the swag you need to get the dates (when you turn 16, of course). Snag some baby barbells (ladies LOVE big baby muscles!) or rock a tee with a sassy trucker girl and practice your whistle so you can catcall every stroller that crosses your path. ow-OW! Lil' dude with 'tude comin' through! Lock up your daughters, there's a ladies man on the loose!

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