Saturday, October 6, 2012

Psychobaby Steals: $10 Personalized Tees for 3 Days

Psychobaby Steals are hot off the presses! 
We are excited to introduce a limited quantity of new personalized tees, slashed from $20 to $10! If you are thinking "Holy moly! That IS a steal!" we like your style. The catch? Psychobaby Steals are only available online for three days, so get 'em while they last. 

Our inaugural run of Psychobaby Steals celebrates the spooktacular fun that is autumn. Around these parts we don't just celebrate Halloween on a single day, we get spooky the entire month of October. With that spirit in mind, naturally it makes sense to have a bunch of festive tees AND a costume, right? Just think, for 10 bucks a tee you will have money left over to buy a king-size bag of Kit-Kats, candy apples, a carving pumpkin, and those kooky, cottony spiderwebs!

Shop for $10 tees today through Monday and we will have your order shipped on, or before, October 15. (Psychobaby Steals take slightly longer to process than our other Custom Shop tees.) Stay tuned for more Psychobaby Steals in the months to come!

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