Friday, October 26, 2012

Googly-Eyed Gifts: Our Monster Wish List!

"Monster gifts make Psychobaby roar with delight!" According to the monster we recently interviewed, our monster gifts for babies and kids are ROARsome! Stock up on one-eyed, scary, hairy swag for your favorite Psychobaby and read on for more insights from our beastly expert:

Thanks for talking with us, Monster. Do you have any monster recommendations for our gift givers? Monster like seeing face on blue monster hoodie! Monster always see Elmo toys, but Monster like Psychobaby toys better! Monster like when kids unwrap present with monster present in box! Monster laugh when kids scream!

Speaking of screaming, Halloween is right around the corner. Do monsters dress up for the holiday? Monster going as kid dressed up as monster. Hee-hee. Monster trick everyone to give Monster candy. People think Monster like eating kids, but Monster really like eating Skittles and Snickers!

Wow! Any other monster facts our shoppers would be surprised to learn?
Monster like reading! Favorite book Where the Wild Things Are! Monster think literacy important! Monster smart even though Monster always talk bad grammar! ROAAARR!

Big thanks to the fanged, furry, and friendly Monster for answering our questions!
Shop our googly-eyed gifts for more monster favorites that go bump in the night!

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